soundscape project     creation sonore: Fabien Bourdier SFLAPlayplay next SFLA is a vision of « decline ».  A dense, consumerist population, in the middle of a powerful natural environment.  This area of California is the International symbol of excellence in animation and technological power. It sets its « stamp of influence » on the entire world today. However, the myth often surpasses reality …


Installation / mapping participatif


  . Thanks to: Julien BM, Florent Mangeot, Samuel Mathiou   React_Pat from BlixLab on Vimeo. React_Sdrmyl from BlixLab on Vimeo. Dream-like immersion into the microcosm of chemical reactions in our everyday lives. Effervescences, gels, fuels, are amplified and reveal their organic power. An appeal to the imagination and to the poetry of little things.

Les Fantastiques Caddies

  Automates roulants et sonores.   Les Fantastiques caddies @ Hop Pop Hop Festival from BlixLab on Vimeo. Le Fanfaronic Caddie from BlixLab on Vimeo. ———— ———-