Being Michelle

Being Michelle

Orange Kite Productions /

Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
Florida Film Festival
Audience Award Best Documentary Feature
Cleveland International Film Festival
Brave Maker Film Festival

Maine Deaf Film Festival

Produced by

Douglas Blush executive producer
Kimberley Browning consulting producer
Harold Foxx associate producer
Denise Hamilton co-producer
Alyson Larson associate producer
Atin Mehra producer
Mae Thornton Mehra producer
Colleen Metcalf associate producer
Priti Sanghvi executive producer
Rajiv Sanghvi executive producer
Tanya Ward associate producer
Delbert A. Whetter executive producer

Music by

Fabien Bourdier (original music)
Leon Lacey (original music)

Cinematography by

Atin Mehra

Film Editing by

Douglas Blush consulting editor
Jaki Covington co-editor
Kevin Klauber co-editor
Randy Redroad
Martin Walter-Burch co-editor

Sound Department

Joe Kalish re-recording mixer / sound editor
Alura Law sound recordist

Editorial Department

Music Department

Franck Bernède cellist


BEING MICHELLE follows the astounding journey of a deaf and disabled woman who survived incarceration under unimaginable circumstances by a system that refused to accommodate her needs as a deaf person with autism. Michelle’s trajectory changed when she met Kim Law, a blind volunteer life coach who teaches classes to people in prison. Today, outside of prison, Kim and Michelle are doing the difficult work of unraveling Michelle’s history, of telling the story of Michelle’s traumatic childhood and her adverse experiences in the criminal justice system. With the support of Kim, Michelle realizes her own voice and strength. Throughout the film Michelle’s artwork provides her own depiction of the trauma she survived as well as a means to her recovery. Ultimately, BEING MICHELLE is a story of redemption. It is about the bonds between women committed to thriving in a broken system, who are forging a path to healing that can only come through facing the truth and communicating it, together.

More than an estimated 750,000 incarcerated individuals have a disability. 32% of those in federal prisons and 40% of individuals incarcerated in jails have at least one disability.

Additionally, an estimated 153,000 deaf individuals are incarcerated in jails or state and federal prisons.



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